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US Military Units Database Research.

The database contains US military aircraft and helicopter operating units, the corresponding aircraft, air bases, tail codes and links to the official websites.

AIR FORCE UNITS: US Air Force, NASA units.
NAVY & MARINES UNITS: US Navy, Marines, Coast  Guard units.
Aircraft Carriers and Amphibious Assault Ships.
ARMY UNITS: US Army Units.


US Air Bases worldwide.
THREATCON Definitions.
TAIL CODES: US Air Force, Navy, Marines Tail Codes.
LINKS: Official military units and organizations websites, aircraft and weapons fact sheets, aviation related links.
GOVSEARCH: US Military and Government domain web sites (.mil and .gov sites).
DICTIONARY: Abbreviations and acronyms, military organizations, aircraft designations.
FACT SHEETS: Military aircraft, weapons and equipment fact sheets.
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