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This search engine provides a full text search over all GLOBEMASTER.DE HTML-documents. It finds whole words only.
Don't be too specific. Start with more general phrases and try to narrow down the results later. It makes no sense to search for "cool warbird picture gallery", try "pictures" instead.
NOTE: This is not a database search engine nor can you search for military personnel. If you look for units, air bases, abbreviations, fact sheets, tail codes etc., we recommend the links on top of each page to access our databases.
To find information about a topic, simply type in a few keywords. The more detailed you query, the more relevant your results.

Note on case sensitivity: Words or phrases containing an upper case character will be treated as case sensitive!

A search on "usa" will match "Usa", "USA", and "usA", while the term "USA" matches only its uppercase version.

Note on certain terms: You can not search for active or retired service members!
If you search for pages about certain units, aircraft, equipment etc., we recommend to avoid spellings like f16, ah64 or fs555.
Better use f-16, ah-64, fs-555 or at least f 16, ah 64, fs 555.
You can use wildcards (*) for the various modifications.

The advanced capabilities are best shown with a few examples:

Translated: require Discount, require Collectibles Finds "Collectibles Discount", "Discounted Collectibles", and "discounts for collectibles".

Translated: DO NOT search for discount, only search for collectibles

Translated: prefer discount, require collectibles

Translated: require the phrase "discount collectibles" in the search finds.

Translated: require discount (case insensitive), require words starting with "collectibles" The asterisk is a wildcard.

Translated: require Venus (case sensitive), require pictures, forbid planet, prefer images First lists "pictures and images of Venus", then "Venus pictures".
Does not list lowercase "venus picture", nor forbidden "picture of planet Venus".

Translated: ignores common words like where, is, and the - requires words containing "sun" Finds "sun", "sunchips", and "sun power" or anything else with "sun" contained.
To suppress the ignore feature, use quotes, as in "Where is the *sun*?".

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