US Air Force (USAF) Aircraft Operating Units.

The following units are part of the
GLOBEMASTER US Military Aviation Database.

Update: 2010-11-18

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128 AACS: 128th Airborne Air Control Squadron
961 AACS: 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron
962 AACS: 962nd Airborne Air Control Squadron
963 AACS: 963rd Airborne Air Control Squadron
964 AACS: 964th Airborne Air Control Squadron
965 AACS: 965th Airborne Air Control Squadron
966 AACS: 966th Airborne Air Control Squadron
774 ABG (Ex.): 774th Expeditionary Air Base Group
15 ABW: 15th Air Base Wing
36 ABW: 36th Air Base Wing
42 ABW: 42nd Air Base Wing
66 ABW: 66th Air Base Wing
75 ABW: 76th Air Base Wing
88 ABW: 88th Air Base Wing
95 ABW: 95th Air Base Wing
96 ABW: 96th Air Base Wing
99 ABW: 99th Air Base Wing
377 ABW: 377th Air Base Wing
435 ABW: 435th Air Base Wing
460 ABW: 460th Air Base Wing
1 ACCS: 1st Airborne Command and Control Squadron
12 ACCS: 12th Airborne Command and Control Squadron
16 ACCS: 16th Airborne Command and Control Squadron
42 ACCS: 42nd Airborne Command and Control Squadron
961 ACCS: 961st Airborne Command and Control Squadron
93 ACW: 93rd Air Control Wing
116 ACW: 116th Air Control Wing
552 ACW/CC: 552nd Air Control Wing
36 AES: 36th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
349 AES: 349th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
433 AES: 433rd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
439 AES: 439th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
445 AES: 445th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
452 AES: 452nd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
514 AES: 514th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
622 AES: 622th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
714 AES: 714th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
1 AF: 1st Air Force
3 AF: 3rd Air Force
4 AF: 4th Air Force
5 AF: 5th Air Force
7 AF: 7th Air Force
8 AF: 8th Air Force
9 AF: 9th Air Force
10 AF: 10th Air Force
11 AF: 11th Air Force
12 AF: 12th Air Force
13 AF: 13th Air Force
14 AF: 14th Air Force
15 AF: 15th Air Force
16 AF: 16th Air Force
17 AF: 17th Air Force
19 AF: 19th Air Force
20 AF: 20th Air Force
21 AF: 21st Air Force
22 AF: 22nd Air Force
24 AF: 24th Air Force
AFFTC: Air Force Flight Test Center
317 AG: 317th Airlift Group
463 AG: 463rd Airlift Group
AGOS (Det. 2): Air Ground Operations School (Detachment 2)
64 AGRS: 64th Aggressor Squadron
65 AGRS: 65th Aggressor Squadron
OO-ALC: Ogden Air Logistic Center
SM-ALC: Scramento Air Logistics Center
WR-ALC: Warner Robins Air Logistic Center
12 ALF: 12th Airlift Flight
47 ALF: 47th Airlift Flight
54 ALF: 54th Airlift Flight
55 ALF: 55th Airlift Flight
84 ALF: 84th Airlift Flight
311 ALF: 311th Airlift Flight
332 ALF: 332nd Airlift Flight
621 AMS: 621st Air Mobility Squadron
721 AMS: 721st Air Mobility Squadron
726 AMS: 726th Air Mobility Squadron
732 AMS: 732nd Air Mobility Squadron
821 AMS: 821st Air Mobility Squadron
6 AMW: 6th Air Mobility Wing
60 AMW: 60th Air Mobility Wing
97 AMW: 97th Air Mobility Wing
305 AMW: 305th Air Mobility Wing
349 AMW: 349th Air Mobility Wing
452 AMW: 452nd Air Mobility Wing
514 AMW: 514th Air Mobility Wing
19 ARG: 19th Air Refueling Group
43 ARG: 43rd Air Refueling Group
112 ARG: 112th Air Refueling Group
170 ARG: 170th Air Refueling Group
931 ARG: 931st Air Refueling Group
79 ARRS: 79th 79th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron
2 ARS: 2nd Air Refueling Squadron
6 ARS: 6th Air Refueling Squadron
9 ARS: 9th Air Refueling Squadron
18 ARS: 18th Air Refueling Squadron
22 ARS: 22nd Air Refueling Squadron
32 ARS: 32nd Air Refueling Squadron
44 ARS: 44th Air Refueling Squadron
54 ARS: 54th Air Refueling Squadron
55 ARS: 55th Air Refueling Squadron
63 ARS: 63rd Air Refueling Squadron
70 ARS: 70th Air Refueling Squadron
72 ARS: 72nd Air Refueling Squadron
74 ARS: 74th Air Refueling Squadron
76 ARS: 76th Air Refueling Squadron
77 ARS: 77th Air Refueling Squadron
78 ARS: 78th Air Refueling Squadron
79 ARS: 79th Air Refueling Squadron
91 ARS: 91st Air Refueling Squadron
92 ARS: 92nd Air Refueling Squadron
93 ARS: 93rd Air Refueling Squadron
96 ARS: 96th Air Refueling Squadron
97 ARS: 97th Air Refueling Squadron
98 ARS: 98th Air Refueling Squadron
99 ARS: 99th Air Refueling Squadron
106 ARS: 106th Air Refueling Squadron
108 ARS: 108th Air Refueling Squadron
116 ARS: 106th Air Refueling Squadron
117 ARS: 117th Air Refueling Squadron
126 ARS: 126th Air Refueling Squadron
132 ARS: 132nd Air Refueling Squadron
133 ARS: 133rd Air Refueling Squadron
136 ARS: 136th Air Refueling Squadron
141 ARS: 141st Air Refueling Squadron
145 ARS: 145th Air Refueling Squadron
146 ARS: 146th Air Refueling Squadron
147 ARS: 147th Air Refueling Squadron
150 ARS: 150th Air Refueling Squadron
151 ARS: 151st Air Refueling Squadron
153 ARS: 153rd Air Refueling Squadron
166 ARS: 166th Air Refueling Squadron
168 ARS: 168th Air Refueling Squadron
173 ARS: 173rd Air Refueling Squadron
174 ARS: 174th Air Refueling Squadron
185 ARS: 185th Air Refueling Squadron
191 ARS: 191st Air Refueling Squadron
196 ARS: 196th Air Refueling Squadron
197 ARS: 197th Air Refueling Squadron
203 ARS: 203rd Air Refueling Squadron
314 ARS: 314th Air Refueling Squadron
336 ARS: 336th Air Refueling Squadron
344 ARS: 344th Air Refueling Squadron
349 ARS: 349th Air Refueling Squadron
350 ARS: 350th Air Refueling Squadron
351 ARS: 351st Air Refueling Squadron
384 ARS: 384th Air Refueling Squadron
465 ARS: 465th Air Refueling Squadron
712 ARS: 712nd Air Refueling Squadron
905 ARS: 905th Air Refueling Squadron
906 ARS: 906th Air Refueling Squadron
909 ARS: 909th Air Refueling Squadron
909 ARS (Det. 1): 909th Air Refueling Squadron (Detachment 1)
911 ARS: 911th Air Refueling Squadron
912 ARS: 912th Air Refueling Squadron
6 ARW: 6th Air Refueling Wing
19 ARW: 19th Air Refueling Wing
22 ARW: 22nd Air Refueling Wing
92 ARW: 92nd Air Refueling Wing
100 ARW: 100th Air Refueling Wing
101 ARW: 101st Air Refueling Wing
107 ARW: 107th Air Refueling Wing
108 ARW: 108th Air Refueling Wing
117 ARW: 117th Air Refueling Wing
121 ARW: 121st Air Refueling Wing
126 ARW: 126th Air Refueling Wing
128 ARW: 128th Air Refueling Wing
134 ARW: 134th Air Refueling Wing
137 ARW: 137th Air Refueling Wing
141 ARW: 141st Air Refueling Wing
151 ARW: 151st Air Refueling Wing
155 ARW: 155th Air Refueling Wing
157 ARW: 157th Air Refueling Wing
161 ARW: 161st Air Refueling Wing
163 ARW: 163rd Air Refueling Wing
168 ARW: 168th Air Refueling Wing
171 ARW: 171st Air Refueling Wing
186 ARW: 186th Air Refueling Wing
190 ARW: 190th Air Refueling Wing
319 ARW: 319th Air Refueling Wing
434 ARW: 434th Air Refueling Wing
507 ARW: 507th Air Refueling Wing
722 ARW: 722nd Air Refueling Wing
916 ARW: 916th Air Refueling Wing
927 ARW: 927th Air Refueling Wing
939 ARW: 939th Air Refueling Wing
940 ARW: 940th Air Refueling Wing
1 AS: 1st Airlift Squadron
2 AS: 2nd Airlift Squadron
3 AS: 3rd Airlift Squadron
4 AS: 4th Airlift Squadron
6 AS: 6th Airlift Squadron
7 AS: 7th Airlift Squadron
8 AS: 8th Airlift Squadron
9 AS: 9th Airlift Squadron
10 AS: 10th Airlift Squadron
11 AS: 11th Airlift Squadron
13 AS: 13th Airlift Squadron
14 AS: 14th Airlift Squadron
15 AS: 15th Airlift Squadron
16 AS: 16th Airlift Squadron
17 AS: 17th Airlift Squadron
18 AS: 18th Airlift Squadron
19 AS: 19th Airlift Squadron
20 AS: 20th Airlift Squadron
21 AS: 21st Airlift Squadron
22 AS: 22nd Airlift Squadron
30 AS: 30th Airlift Squadron
36 AS: 36th Airlift Squadron
37 AS: 37th Airlift Squadron
39 AS: 39th Airlift Squadron
40 AS: 40th Airlift Squadron
41 AS: 41st Airlift Squadron
45 AS: 45th Airlift Squadron
48 AS: 48th Airlift Squadron
50 AS: 50th Airlift Squadron
52 AS: 52nd Airlift Squadron
53 AS: 53rd Airlift Squadron
54 AS: 54th Airlift Squadron
56 AS: 56th Airlift Squadron
57 AS: 57th Airlift Squadron
58 AS: 58th Airlift Squadron
61 AS: 61st Airlift Squadron
62 AS: 62nd Airlift Squadron
64 AS: 64th Airlift Squadron
65 AS: 65th Airlift Squadron
68 AS: 68th Airlift Squadron
73 AS: 73rd Airlift Squadron
75 AS: 75th Airlift Squadron
76 AS: 76th Airlift Squadron
89 AS: 89th Airlift Squadron
95 AS: 95th Airlift Squadron
96 AS: 96th Airlift Squadron
97 AS: 97th Airlift Squadron
99 AS: 99th Airlift Squadron
105 AS: 105th Airlift Squadron
109 AS: 109th Airlift Squadron
115 AS: 115th Airlift Squadron
130 AS: 130th Airlift Squadron
135 AS: 135th Airlift Squadron
137 AS: 137th Airlift Squadron
139 AS: 139th Airlift Squadron
142 AS: 142nd Airlift Squadron
143 AS: 143rd Airlift Squadron
144 AS: 144th Airlift Squadron
155 AS: 155th Airlift Squadron
156 AS: 156th Airlift Squadron
158 AS: 158th Airlift Squadron
164 AS: 164th Airlift Squadron
165 AS: 165th Airlift Squadron
167 AS: 167th Airlift Squadron
169 AS: 169th Airlift Squadron
171 AS: 171st Airlift Squadron
180 AS: 180th Airlift Squadron
181 AS: 181st Airlift Squadron
183 AS: 183rd Airlift Squadron
185 AS: 185th Airlift Squadron
187 AS: 187th Airlift Squadron
189 AS: 189th Airlift Squadron
192 AS: 192nd Airlift Squadron
198 AS: 198th Airlift Squadron
200 AS: 200th Airlift Squadron
201 AS: 201st Airlift Squadron
204 AS: 204th Airlift Squadron
249 AS: 249th Airlift Squadron
300 AS: 300th Airlift Squadron
301 AS: 301st Airlift Squadron
310 AS: 310th Airlift Squadron
312 AS: 312th Airlift Squadron
313 AS: 313th Airlift Squadron
317 AS: 317th Airlift Squadron
326 AS: 326th Airlift Squadron
327 AS: 327th Airlift Squadron
328 AS: 328th Airlift Squadron
337 AS: 337th Airlift Squadron
356 AS: 356th Airlift Squadron
357 AS: 357th Airlift Squadron
457 AS: 457th Airlift Squadron
458 AS: 458th Airlift Squadron
459 AS: 459th Airlift Squadron
517 AS: 517th Airlift Squadron
535 AS: 535th Airlift Squadron
700 AS: 700th Airlift Squadron
701 AS: 701st Airlift Squadron
702 AS: 702nd Airlift Squadron
707 AS: 707th Airlift Squadron
709 AS: 709th Airlift Squadron
728 AS: 728th Airlift Squadron
729 AS: 729th Airlift Squadron
730 AS: 730th Airlift Squadron
731 AS: 731st Airlift Squadron
732 AS: 732nd Airlift Squadron
756 AS: 756th Airlift Squadron
757 AS: 757th Airlift Squadron
758 AS: 758th Airlift Squadron
773 AS: 773rd Airlift Squadron
815 AS: 815th Airlift Squadron
57 ATG: 57th Adversary Tactics Group
82 ATRS: 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron
82 ATRS (Det. 1): 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron (Detachment 1)
15 AW: 15th Airlift Wing
43 AW: 43rd Airlift Wing
62 AW: 62nd Airlift Wing
86 AW: 86th Airlift Wing
89 AW: 89th Airlift Wing
94 AW: 94th Airlift Wing
105 AW: 105th Airlift Wing
109 AW: 109th Airlift Wing
118 AW: 118th Airlift Wing
123 AW: 123rd Airlift Wing
130 AW: 130th Airlift Wing
133 AW: 133rd Airlift Wing
136 AW: 136th Airlift Wing
137 AW: 137th Airlift Wing
139 AW: 139th Airlift Wing
143 AW: 143rd Airlift Wing
145 AW: 145th Airlift Wing
146 AW: 146th Airlift Wing
152 AW: 152th Airlift Wing
153 AW: 153rd Airlift Wing
156 AW: 156th Airlift Wing
164 AW: 164th Airlift Wing
165 AW: 165th Airlift Wing
166 AW: 166th Airlift Wing
167 AW: 167th Airlift Wing
172 AW: 172nd Airlift Wing
179 AW: 179th Airlift Wing
182 AW: 182nd Airlift Wing
189 AW: 189th Airlift Wing
191 AW: 191st Airlift Wing
302 AW: 302nd Airlift Wing
314 AW: 314th Airlift Wing
315 AW: 315th Airlift Wing
374 AW: 374th Airlift Wing
375 AW: 375th Airlift Wing
433 AW: 433rd Airlift Wing
436 AW: 436th Airlift Wing
437 AW: 437th Airlift Wing
439 AW: 439th Airlift Wing
440 AW: 440th Airlift Wing
445 AW: 445th Airlift Wing
446 AW: 446th Airlift Wing
459 AW: 459th Airlift Wing
512 AW: 512th Airlift Wing
908 AW: 908th Airlift Wing
910 AW: 910th Airlift Wing
911 AW: 911th Airlift Wing
913 AW: 913th Airlift Wing
914 AW: 914th Airlift Wing
928 AW: 928th Airlift Wing
932 AW: 932nd Airlift Wing
934 AW: 934th Airlift Wing
9 BS: 9th Bomb Squadron
11 BS: 11th Bomb Squadron
13 BS: 13th Bomb Squadron
20 BS: 20th Bomb Squadron
23 BS: 23rd Bomb Squadron
28 BS: 28th Bomb Squadron
34 BS: 34th Bomb Squadron
37 BS: 37th Bomb Squadron
46 BS: 46th Bomb Squadron
77 BS: 77th Bomb Squadron
93 BS: 93rd Bomb Squadron
96 BS: 96th Bomb Squadron
127 BS: 127th Bomb Squadron
128 BS: 128th Bomb Squadron
325 BS: 325th Bomb Squadron
393 BS: 393rd Bomb Squadron
715 BS: 715th Bomb Squadron
2 BW: 2nd Bomb Wing
5 BW: 5th Bomb Wing
7 BW: 7th Bomb Wing
28 BW: 28th Bomb Wing
38 BW: 38th Bomb Wing
92 BW: 92nd Bomb Wing
116 BW: 116th Bomb Wing
184 BW: 184th Bomb Wing
384 BW: 384th Bomb Wing
509 BW: 509th Bomb Wing
806 BW: 806th Bomb Wing
336 CTG: 336th Combat Training Group
6 CTS: 6th Combat Training Squadron
6 CTS (Det. 1): 6th Combat Training Squadron (Detachment 1)
7 CTS: 7th Combat Training Squadron
12 CTS: 12th Combat Training Squadron
338 CTS: 338th Combat Training Squadron
353 CTS (Det. 1): 353rd Combat Training Squadron (Detachment 1)
394 CTS: 394th Combat Training Squadron
414 CTS: 414th Combat Training Squadron
497 CTS: 497th Combat Training Squadron
507 CTS: 507th Combat Training Squadron
548 CTS: 548th Combat Training Squadron
549 CTS: 549th Combat Training Squadron
41 ECS: 41st Electronic Combat Squadron
43 ECS: 43rd Electronic Combat Squadron
429 ECS: 429th Electronic Combat Squadron
450 EWW: 450th Electronic Warfare Wing
23 FG: 23rd Fighter Group
32 FG: 32nd Fighter Group
107 FG: 107th Fighter Group
182 FG: 182nd Fighter Group
184 FG: 184th Fighter Group
477 FG: 477th Fighter Group
906 FG: 906th Fighter Group
930 FG: 930th Fighter Group
40 FLTS: 40th Flight Test Squadron
410 FLTS: 410th Flight Test Squadron
411 FLTS: 411th Flight Test Squadron
412 FLTS: 412th Flight Test Squadron
415 FLTS: 415th Flight Test Squadron
416 FLTS: 416th Flight Test Squadron
417 FLTS: 417th Flight Test Squadron
417 FLTS: 417th Flight Test Squadron
418 FLTS: 416th Flight Test Squadron
419 FLTS: 419th Flight Test Squadron
420 FLTS: 420th Flight Test Squadron
445 FLTS: 445th Flight Test Squadron
452 FLTS: 452nd Flight Test Squadron
455 FLTS: 455th Flight Test Squadron
586 FLTS: 586th Flight Test Squadron
1 FS: 1st Fighter Squadron
2 FS: 2nd Fighter Squadron
4 FS: 4th Fighter Squadron
7 FS: 7th Fighter Squadron (F-117A)
7 FS: 7th Fighter Squadron (F-22A)
8 FS: 8th Fighter Squadron
9 FS: 9th Fighter Squadron
12 FS: 12th Fighter Squadron
13 FS: 13th Fighter Squadron
14 FS: 14th Fighter Squadron
18 FS: 18th Fighter Squadron
19 FS: 19th Fighter Squadron
20 FS: 20th Fighter Squadron
21 FS: 21st Fighter Squadron
22 FS: 22nd Fighter Squadron
23 FS: 23rd Fighter Squadron
25 FS: 25th Fighter Squadron
27 FS: 27th Fighter Squadron
32 FS: 32th Fighter Squadron
34 FS: 34th Fighter Squadron
35 FS: 35th Fighter Squadron
36 FS: 36th Fighter Squadron
43 FS: 43rd Fighter Squadron
43 FS: 43rd Fighter Squadron
44 FS: 44th Fighter Squadron
47 FS: 47th Fighter Squadron
53 FS: 53rd Fighter Squadron
54 FS: 54th Fighter Squadron
55 FS: 55th Fighter Squadron
58 FS: 58th Fighter Squadron
59 FS: 59th Fighter Squadron
60 FS: 60th Fighter Squadron
61 FS: 61st Fighter Squadron
62 FS: 62nd Fighter Squadron
63 FS: 63rd Fighter Squadron
67 FS: 67th Fighter Squadron
68 FS: 68th Fighter Squadron
69 FS: 69th Fighter Squadron
70 FS: 70th Fighter Squadron
71 FS: 71st Fighter Squadron
74 FS: 74th Fighter Squadron
75 FS: 75th Fighter Squadron
77 FS: 77th Fighter Squadron
78 FS: 78th Fighter Squadron
79 FS: 79th Fighter Squadron
80 FS: 80th Fighter Squadron
81 FS: 81st Fighter Squadron
90 FS: 90th Fighter Squadron
93 FS: 93rd Fighter Squadron
94 FS: 94th Fighter Squadron
95 FS: 95th Fighter Squadron
101 FS: 101st Fighter Squadron
103 FS: 103rd Fighter Squadron
104 FS: 104th Fighter Squadron
107 FS: 107th Fighter Squadron
110 FS: 110th Fighter Squadron
111 FS: 111th Fighter Squadron
112 FS: 112th Fighter Squadron
113 FS: 113th Fighter Squadron
114 FS: 114th Fighter Squadron
118 FS: 118th Fighter Squadron
119 FS: 119th Fighter Squadron
120 FS: 120th Fighter Squadron
121 FS: 121st Fighter Squadron
122 FS: 122nd Fighter Squadron
123 FS: 123rd Fighter Squadron
124 FS: 124th Fighter Squadron
125 FS: 125th Fighter Squadron
131 FS: 131st Fighter Squadron
134 FS: 134th Fighter Squadron
138 FS: 138th Fighter Squadron
152 FS: 152nd Fighter Squadron
157 FS: 157th Fighter Squadron
159 FS: 159th Fighter Squadron
159 (Det. 1) FS: 159th Fighter Squadron (Detachment 1)
160 FS: 160th Fighter Squadron
162 FS: 162nd Fighter Squadron
163 FS: 163rd Fighter Squadron
169 FS: 169th Fighter Squadron
170 FS: 170th Fighter Squadron
172 FS: 172nd Fighter Squadron
174 FS: 174th Fighter Squadron
175 FS: 175th Fighter Squadron
176 FS: 176th Fighter Squadron
178 FS: 178th Fighter Squadron
179 FS: 179th Fighter Squadron
179 FS (Det. 1): 179th Fighter Squadron (Detachment 1)
182 FS: 182nd Fighter Squadron
184 FS: 184th Fighter Squadron
186 FS: 186th Fighter Squadron
188 FS: 188th Fighter Squadron
190 FS: 190th Fighter Squadron
194 FS: 194th Fighter Squadron
194 FS (Det. 1): 194th Fighter Squadron (Detachment 1)
195 FS: 195th Fighter Squadron
198 FS: 198th Fighter Squadron
199 FS: 199th Fighter Squadron
301 FS: 301st Fighter Squadron (F-16)
301 FS: 301st Fighter Squadron (F-22A)
302 FS: 302nd Fighter Squadron
303 FS: 303rd Fighter Squadron
307 FS: 307th Fighter Squadron
307 FS (Det. 1): 307th Fighter Squadron (Detachment 1)
308 FS: 308th Fighter Squadron
309 FS: 309th Fighter Squadron
310 FS: 310th Fighter Squadron
333 FS: 333rd Fighter Squadron
334 FS: 334th Fighter Squadron
335 FS: 335th Fighter Squadron
336 FS: 336th Fighter Squadron
354 FS: 354th Fighter Squadron
355 FS: 355th Fighter Squadron
357 FS: 357th Fighter Squadron
358 FS: 358th Fighter Squadron
389 FS: 389th Fighter Squadron
390 FS: 390th Fighter Squadron
391 FS: 391st Fighter Squadron
421 FS: 421st Fighter Squadron
425 FS: 425th Fighter Squadron
428 FS: 428th Fighter Squadron
457 FS: 457th Fighter Squadron
466 FS: 466th Fighter Squadron
480 FS: 480th Fighter Squadron
492 FS: 492th Fighter Squadron
493 FS: 493rd Fighter Squadron
494 FS: 494th Fighter Squadron
510 FS: 510th Fighter Squadron
510 FS (Det. 1): 510th Fighter Squadron (Detachment 1)
512 FS: 512th Fighter Squadron
522 FS: 522nd Fighter Squadron
523 FS: 523rd Fighter Squadron
524 FS: 524th Fighter Squadron
525 FS: 525th Fighter Squadron
555 FS: 555th Fighter Squadron
556 FS: 556th Fighter Squadron
561 FS: 561st Fighter Squadron
706 FS: 706th Fighter Squadron
340 FTG: 340th Flying Training Group
479 FTG: 479th Flying Training Group
1 FTS: 1st Flying Training Squadron
3 FTS: 3rd Flying Training Squadron
5 FTS: 5th Flying Training Squadron
8 FTS: 8th Flying Training Squadron
15 FTS: 15th Flying Training Squadron
23 FTS: 23rd Flying Training Squadron
25 FTS: 25th Flying Training Squadron
32 FTS: 32nd Flying Training Squadron
33 FTS: 33rd Flying Training Squadron
37 FTS: 37th Flying Training Squadron
39 FTS: 39th Flying Training Squadron
41 FTS: 41st Flying Training Squadron
43 FTS: 43rd Flying Training Squadron
48 FTS: 48th Flying Training Squadron
49 FTS: 49th Flying Training Squadron
50 FTS: 50th Flying Training Squadron
84 FTS: 84th Flying Training Squadron
85 FTS: 85th Flying Training Squadron
86 FTS: 86th Flying Training Squadron
87 FTS: 87th Flying Training Squadron
88 FTS: 88th Flying Training Squadron
89 FTS: 89th Flying Training Squadron
90 FTS: 90th Flying Training Squadron
94 FTS: 94th Flying Training Squadron
96 FTS: 96th Flying Training Squadron
97 FTS: 97th Flying Training Squadron
98 FTS: 98th Flying Training Squadron
99 FTS: 99th Flying Training Squadron
100 FTS: 100th Flying Training Squadron
339 FTS: 339th Flying Training Squadron
435 FTS: 435th Flying Training Squadron
514 FTS: 514th Flying Training Squadron
557 FTS: 557th Flying Training Squadron
559 FTS: 559th Flying Training Squadron
560 FTS: 560th Flying Training Squadron
562 FTS: 562nd Flying Training Squadron
563 FTS: 563rd Flying Training Squadron
576 FTS: 576th Flying Training Squadron
586 FTS: 586th Flying Training Squadron
12 FTW: 12th Flying Training Wing
14 FTW: 14th Flying Training Wing
47 FTW: 47th Flying Training Wing
71 FTW: 71st Flying Training Wing
80 FTW: 80th Flying Training Wing
1 FW: 1st Fighter Wing
4 FW: 4th Fighter Wing
8 FW: 8th Fighter Wing
20 FW: 20th Fighter Wing
27 FW: 27th Fighter Wing
31 FW: 31st Fighter Wing
33 FW: 33rd Fighter Wing
35 FW: 35th Fighter Wing
36 FW: 36th Fighter Wing
48 FW: 48th Fighter Wing
49 FW: 49th Fighter Wing
51 FW: 51st Fighter Wing
52 FW: 52nd Fighter Wing
56 FW: 56th Fighter Wing
57 FW: 57th Fighter Wing
58 FW: 58th Fighter Wing
102 FW: 102nd Fighter Wing
103 FW: 103rd Fighter Wing
104 FW: 104th Fighter Wing
110 FW: 110th Fighter Wing
111 FW: 111th Fighter Wing
114 FW: 114th Fighter Wing
115 FW: 115th Fighter Wing
119 FW: 119th Fighter Wing
120 FW: 120th Fighter Wing
122 FW: 122nd Fighter Wing
125 FW: 125th Fighter Wing
125 FW (Det. 1): 125th Fighter Wing
125 FW (Det. Germany): 125th Fighter Wing
131 FW: 131st Fighter Wing
132 FW: 132nd Fighter Wing
138 FW: 138th Fighter Wing
140 FW: 140th Fighter Wing
142 FW: 142nd Fighter Wing
144 FW: 144th Fighter Wing
147 FW: 147th Fighter Wing
148 FW: 148th Fighter Wing
148 FW (Det. 1): 148th Fighter Wing
149 FW: 149th Fighter Wing
150 FW: 150th Fighter Wing
156 FW: 156th Fighter Wing
158 FW: 158th Fighter Wing
159 FW: 159th Fighter Wing
162 FW: 162nd Fighter Wing
169 FW: 169th Fighter Wing
173 FW: 173rd Fighter Wing
174 FW: 174th Fighter Wing
177 FW: 177th Fighter Wing
178 FW: 178th Fighter Wing
180 FW: 180th Fighter Wing
181 FW: 181st Fighter Wing
183 FW: 183rd Fighter Wing
185 FW: 185th Fighter Wing
187 FW: 187th Fighter Wing
188 FW: 188th Fighter Wing
192 FW: 192nd Fighter Wing
301 FW: 301st Fighter Wing
325 FW: 325th Fighter Wing
343 FW: 343rd Fighter Wing
347 FW: 347th Fighter Wing
354 FW: 354th Fighter Wing (AK)
354 FW: 354th Fighter Wing (MB)
363 FW: 363rd Fighter Wing
388 FW: 388th Fighter Wing
419 FW: 419th Fighter Wing
432 FW: 432nd Fighter Wing
442 FW: 442nd Fighter Wing
482 FW: 482nd Fighter Wing
926 FW: 926th Fighter Wing
944 FW: 944th Fighter Wing
64 FWS: 64th Fighter Weapons Squadron
85 GP: 85th Group
37 HF: 37th Helicopter Flight Squadron
40 HF: 40th Helicopter Flight
54 HF: 54th Helicopter Flight Squadron
76 HF: 76th Helicopter Flight Squadron
1 HS: 1st Helicopter Squadron
321 MG: 321st Missile Group
10 MS: 10th Missile Squadron
12 MS: 12th Missile Squadron
400 MS: 400th Missile Squadron
490 MS: 490th Missile Squadron
564 MS: 564th Missile Squadron
740 MS: 740th Missile Squadron
741 MS: 741st Missile Squadron
742 MS: 742nd Missile Squadron
44 MW: 44th Missile Wing
91 MW: 91st Missile Wing
351 MW: 351st Missile Wing
NASA: Dryden Flight Research Facility
1 OG/DEMO: F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team
46 OG (Det. 1): 46th Operations Group (Detachment 1)
20 OG/DEMO: F-16 East Coast Demonstration Team
ACC A-10 DEMO: ACC West Coast A-10 Demonstration Team
152 RG: 152nd Reconnaissance Group
36 RQF: 36th Rescue Flight
37 RQF: 37th Rescue Flight
40 RQF: 40th Rescue Flight
54 RQF: 54th Rescue Flight
76 RQF: 76th Rescue Flight
79 RQF: 79th Rescue Flight
563 RQG: 563rd Rescue Group
920 RQG: 920th Rescue Group
943 RQG: 943rd Rescue Group
33 RQS: 33rd Rescue Squadron
33 RQS (Det. 1): 33rd Rescue Squadron (Detachment 1)
38 RQS: 38th Rescue Squadron
39 RQS: 39th Rescue Squadron
41 RQS: 41st Rescue Squadron
48 RQS: 48th Rescue Squadron
55 RQS: 55th Rescue Squadron
56 RQS: 56th Rescue Squadron
56 RQS: 56th Rescue Squadron
58 RQS: 58th Rescue Squadron
66 RQS: 66th Rescue Squadron
71 RQS: 71st Rescue Squadron
79 RQS: 79th Rescue Squadron
102 RQS: 102nd Rescue Squadron
129 RQS: 129th Rescue Squadron
210 RQS: 210th Rescue Squadron
210 RQS (Det. 1): 210th Rescue Squadron (Detachment 1)
301 RQS: 301st Rescue Squadron
303 RQS: 303rd Rescue Squadron
304 RQS: 304th Rescue Squadron
305 RQS: 305th Rescue Squadron
306 RQS: 306th Rescue Squadron
512 RQS: 512th Rescue Squadron
106 RQW: 106th Rescue Wing
129 RQW: 129th Rescue Wing
347 RQW (Det. 1): 347th Rescue Wing (Detachment 1)
347 RQW: 347th Rescue Wing
920 RQW: 920th Rescue Wing
939 RQW (Davis-Monthan): 939th Rescue Wing
939 RQW (Patrick): 939th Rescue Wing
939 RQW (Portland): 939th Rescue Wing
1 RS: 1st Reconnaissance Squadron
5 RS: 5th Reconnaissance Squadron
5 RS (Det. 1): 5th Reconnaissance Squadron (Detachment 1)
5 RS (Det. 2): 5th Reconnaissance Squadron (Detachment 2)
11 RS: 11th Reconnaissance Squadron
12 RS: 12th Reconnaissance Squadron
15 RS: 15th Reconnaissance Squadron
17 RS: 17th Reconnaissance Squadron
24 RS: 24th Reconnaissance Squadron
30 RS: 30th Reconnaissance Squadron
38 RS: 38th Reconnaissance Squadron
45 RS: 45th Reconnaissance Squadron
82 RS: 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron
95 RS: 95th Reconnaissance Squadron
95 RS (Det. 1): 95th Reconnaissance Squadron (Detachment 1)
99 RS: 99th Reconnaissance Squadron
192 RS: 192th Reconnaissance Squadron
196 RS: 196th Reconnaissance Squadron
343 RS: 343rd Reconnaissance Squadron
9 RW: 9th Reconnaissance Wing
1 SLS: 1st Space Launch Squadron
2 SLS: 2nd Space Launch Squadron
3 SLS: 3rd Space Launch Squadron
4 SLS: 4th Space Launch Squadron
352 SOG: 352nd Special Operations Group
353 SOG: 353rd Special Operations Group
1 SOS: 1st Special Operations Squadron
4 SOS: 4th Special Operations Squadron
5 SOS: 5th Special Operations Squadron
6 SOS: 6th Special Operations Squadron
7 SOS: 7th Special Operations Squadron
8 SOS: 8th Special Operations Squadron
9 SOS: 9th Special Operations Squadron
15 SOS: 15th Special Operations Squadron
16 SOS: 16th Special Operations Squadron
17 SOS: 17th Special Operations Squadron
19 SOS: 19th Special Operations Squadron
20 SOS: 20th Special Operations Squadron
21 SOS: 21st Special Operations Squadron
31 SOS: 31st Special Operations Squadron
55 SOS: 55th Special Operations Squadron
67 SOS: 67th Special Operations Squadron
193 SOS: 193rd Special Operations Squadron
319 SOS: 319th Special Operations Squadron
427 SOS: 427th Special Operations Squadron
512 SOS: 512th Special Operations Squadron
550 SOS: 550th Special Operations Squadron
551 SOS: 551st Special Operations Squadron
711 SOS: 711th Special Operations Squadron
1 SOW: 1st Special Operations Wing
16 SOW: 16th Special Operations Wing
58 SOW: 58th Special Operations Wing
193 SOW: 193rd Special Operations Wing
919 SOW: 919th Special Operations Wing
21 SW: 21st Space Wing
30 SW: 30th Space Wing
45 SW: 45th Space Wing
50 SW: 50th Space Wing
90 SW: 90th Space Wing
91 SW: 91st Space Wing
341 SW: 341st Space Wing
460 SW: 460th Space Wing
345 TAS: 345th Tactical Airlift Squadron
16 TATS: 16th Tactical Airlift Training Squadron
53 TEG: 53rd Test and Evaluation Group
53 TEG (Det. 4): 53rd Test and Evaluation Group (Detachment 4)
79 TEG (Det. 1): 79th Test and Evaluation Group (Detachment 1)
31 TES: 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron
49 TES: 49th Test and Evaluation Squadron
72 TES: 72nd Test and Evaluation Squadron
85 TES: 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron
422 TES: 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron
556 TES: 556th Test and Evaluation Squadron
150 TFG: 150th Tactical Fighter Group
17 TFS: 17th Tactical Fighter Squadron
19 TFS: 19th Tactical Fighter Squadron
26 TFS: 26th Tactical Fighter Squadron
27 TFS: 27th Tactical Fighter Squadron
43 TFS: 43rd Tactical Fighter Squadron
355 TFS: 355th Tactical Fighter Squadron
525 TFS: 525th Tactical Fighter Squadron
612 TFS: 612th Tactical Fighter Squadron
613 TFS: 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron
614 TFS: 614th Tactical Fighter Squadron
21 TFTS: 21st Tactical Fighter Training Squadron
3 TFW: 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing
5 TFW: 5th Tactical Fighter Wing
31 TFW: 31st Tactical Fighter Wing
37 TFW: 37th Tactical Fighter Wing
50 TFW: 50th Tactical Fighter Wing
354 TFW: 354th Tactical Fighter Wing
401 TFW: 401st Tactical Fighter Wing
46 TG: 46th Test Group
545 TG: 545th Test Group
4450 TG: 4450th Test Group
37 TRG: 37th Training Group
82 TRG: 82nd Training Group
381 TRG: 381st Training Group
737 TRG: 737th Training Group
782 TRG: 782nd Training Group
882 TRG: 882nd Training Group
982 TRG: 982nd Training Group
2 GAF: German Air Force Training Squadron 2
12 TRS: 12th Training Squadron
38 TRS: 38th Training Squadron
56 TRS: 56th Training Squadron
58 TRS: 58th Training Squadron
97 TRS: 97th Training Squadron
332 TRS: 332nd Training Squadron
333 TRS: 333rd Training Squadron
334 TRS: 334th Training Squadron
335 TRS: 335th Training Squadron
336 TRS: 336th Training Squadron
338 TRS: 338th Training Squadron
341 TRS: 341st Training Squadron
342 TRS: 342nd Training Squadron
342 TRS (Det. 1): 342nd Training Squadron (Detachment 1)
343 TRS: 343rd Training Squadron
344 TRS: 344th Training Squadron
345 TRS: 345th Training Squadron
355 TRS: 355th Training Squadron
360 TRS (Det. 1): 360th Training Squadron (Detachment 1)
361 TRS: 361st Training Squadron
362 TRS: 362nd Training Squadron
363 TRS: 363rd Training Squadron
364 TRS: 364th Training Squadron
365 TRS: 365th Training Squadron
366 TRS: 366th Training Squadron
366 TRS (Det. 7): 366th Training Squadron (Detachment 7)
367 TRS: 367th Training Squadron
372 TRS: 372nd Training Squadron
372 TRS (Det. 3): 372nd Training Squadron (Detachment 3)
372 TRS (Det. 4): 372nd Training Squadron (Detachment 4)
372 TRS (Det. 7): 372nd Training Squadron (Detachment 7)
372 TRS (Det. 8): 372nd Training Squadron (Detachment 8)
372 TRS (Det. 13): 372nd Training Squadron (Detachment 13)
372 TRS (Det. 14): 372nd Training Squadron (Detachment 14)
372 TRS (Det. 15): 372nd Training Squadron (Detachment 15)
372 TRS (Det. 18): 372nd Training Squadron (Detachment 18)
373 TRS: 373rd Training Squadron
373 TRS (Det.): 373rd Training Squadron (Detachment)
373 TRS (Det. 5): 373rd Training Squadron (Detachment 5)
373 TRS (Det. 6): 373rd Training Squadron (Detachment 6)
373 TRS (Det. 12): 373rd Training Squadron (Detachment 12)
373 TRS (Det. 13): 373rd Training Squadron (Detachment 13)
373 TRS (Det. 14): 373rd Training Squadron (Detachment 14)
373 TRS (Det. 17): 373rd Training Squadron (Detachment 17)
381 TRS: 381st Training Squadron
382 TRS: 382nd Training Squadron
383 TRS: 383rd Training Squadron
436 TRS: 436th Training Squadron
552 TRS: 552nd Training Squadron
TRSS/ACC (Det. 11): ACC Training Support Squadron (Detachment 11)
81 TRSS: 81th Training Support Squadron
82 TRSS: 82nd Training Support Squadron
333 TRSS (Det. 15): 333rd Training Support Squadron (Detachment 15)
334 TRSS (Det. 15): 334th Training Support Squadron (Detachment 15)
367 TRSS: 367th Training Support Squadron
882 TRSS: 882nd Training Support Squadron
10 TRW: 10th Training Wing
34 TRW: 34th Training Wing
37 TRW: 37th Training Wing
67 TRW: 67th Training Wing
81 TRW: 81st Training Wing
82 TRW: 82nd Training Wing
28 TS: 28th Test Squadron
40 TS: 40th Test Squadron
46 TS: 46th Test Squadron
46 TS (Det. 1): 46th Test Squadron (Detachment 1)
154 TS: 154th Test Squadron
337 TS: 337th Test Squadron
415 TS: 415th Test Squadron
417 TS: 417th Test Squadron
3247 TS: 3247th Test Squadron
4485 TS: 4485th Test Squadron
6517 TS: 6517th Test Squadron
396 TTG: 396th Training Test Group
46 TW: 46th Test Wing
412 TW: 412th Test Wing
3246 TW: 3246th Test Wing
6510 TW: 6510th Test Wing
USAFADS: United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron 'Thunderbirds'
USAFTPS: United States Air Force Test Pilot School
USAFWS: United States Air Force Weapons School
53 WEG: 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group
3 WG: 3rd Wing
11 WG: 11th Wing
18 WG: 18th Wing
21 WG: 21st Wing
24 WG: 24th Wing
53 WG: 53rd Wing
55 WG: 55th Wing
57 WG: 57th Wing
113 WG: 113th Wing
124 WG: 124th Wing
127 WG: 127th Wing
140 WG: 140th Wing
154 WG: 154th Wing
175 WG: 175th Wing
176 WG: 176th Wing
319 WG: 319th Wing
355 WG: 355th Wing
366 WG: 366th Wing
403 WG: 403rd Wing
432 WG: 432nd Wing
917 WG: 917th Wing
16 WPS: 16th Weapons Squadron
17 WPS: 17th Weapons Squadron
34 WPS: 34th Weapons Squadron
66 WPS: 66th Weapons Squadron
433 WPS: 433rd Weapons Squadron
53 WRS: 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron

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