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Access to US Military and Government Websites

The GLOBEMASTER US Military Aviation Database contains vast link directories.
Occasionally you might encounter, that these links are not working or the desired URL is out of service.
That does not mean necessarily, that our link databases are outdated.

As a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, other suspected terrorist's events and on-going and potential military action, many US military websites suspended their service temporarily.
Some of them went offline at all, some restricted the access to users from military (.mil) network domains only. See the Related Links to find out how to check your computers identity and access authorization.
We recommend to come back to our Link Directories occasionally to check either the online status of the concerned URL or if it indeed has been moved.

However, it is always greatly appreciated, when you send us a short information about dead links on our database.
Contact: or go to our FEEDBACK page.


Check your Computers Identity: Defense Technical Information Center